Linux / Bash Cheatsheet

Collected commands, tips, and tricks for working headless in Ubuntu

Git Commands

to clone a repository: git clone my_git_address Branches list local branches:

Grep Cookbook

Using grep by itself search for “searchtext”, ignoring case, ignoring binary files, recurisvely search, with line numbers, in this folder.

Using the find command in bash

Using the find command in bash Find all files below the current directory that match “tecmint.

Hugo Stuff

Install Make sure you install add-ons Create a new site with yaml format Modified from here

Shapeoko Links

Search Results grbl 1.1 - Google Search g21 vs g20 gcode - Google Search shapeoko3 board 2.

Django Development Workflow

Derived from here cd websites django-admin startproject murdermystery cd murdermystery python3 manage.

Duplicate Installed Packages

To clone your system to another system. Or make a backup.

fixing file transfer bug in nautilus

Issue: Nautilus hangs when I try to copy large files to a NAS.

Installing and Setting up MQTT

Installation sudo apt update sudo apt install -y mosquitto mosquitto-clients sudo snap install mqtt-explorer Example Setup sudo cp /usr/share/doc/mosquitto/examples/mosquitto.