Install Docker

From here Install and test sudo apt remove docker containerd runc sudo apt remove docker* sudo apt-get install ca-certificates curl sudo install -m 0755 -d /etc/apt/keyrings sudo curl -fsSL https://download.

Common Docker Commands

General Commands docker images docker pull docker create docker ps docker attach 3378689f2069 Deleting, cleanup docker run —rm image_name docker system prune docker container prune docker network prune docker image prune Ubuntu Image docker pull ubuntu docker run -d -t ubuntu # run detached docker run -it ubuntu /bin/bash docker exec -it <containername> /bin/bash apt-get update docker compose run -it web /bin/bash Anaconda Image docker pull continuumio/anaconda3 docker run -it continuumio/anaconda3 /bin/bash Set up gui: https://dev.

Answer on Docker

replace <password1> with your own password version: "3" services: answer: image: answerdev/answer ports: - '9080:80' restart: on-failure volumes: - answer-data:/data depends_on: - mariadb mariadb: restart: unless-stopped image: mariadb:10.

Nextcloud in Docker

docker-compose version: '2' volumes: nextcloud: db: services: db: image: mariadb:10.5 restart: always command: –transaction-isolation=READ-COMMITTED –binlog-format=ROW volumes: - .

NginX docker config

docker compose: version: "3.9" services: test: image: nginx:latest ports: - 8080:80 volumes: - .

PiHole Setup

docker compose version: "3" # More info at and https://docs.

Setting up a Mosquitto MQTT server in docker.

Docker compose version: "3" services: mosquitto: image: eclipse-mosquitto container_name: mosquitto ports: - 1883:1883 - 9001:9001 volumes: - .