Hugo Stuff


Make sure you install add-ons

Create a new site with yaml format

Modified from here

  1. Create directory Structure

    hugo new site --format=yaml foldername
    cd foldername
  2. Initialize git repository and add theme

    Might I suggest using this forked version of the “liva” theme? It has some nice enhancements

    git init
    git submodule add themes/liva-hugo
    # or
    git submodule add themes/website_hugo_framework
  3. Add theme to config.yaml

    echo theme: \"liva-hugo\" >> config.yaml
    # or 
    echo theme: \"website_hugo_framework\" >> config.yaml
  4. Customize config.yaml

  5. Run server for testing


    hugo server

    With Drafts:

    hugo server -D

1 Build Pages



With drafts:

hugo -D


Essential Add-ons


Using with Github Actions

Themes and Examples

Documentation themes

Ones I didn’t like as much

Good one:

Google Fonts helper