Git Commands

to clone a repository: git clone my_git_address Branches list local branches:

Setting up Git

git config –global "" git config –global "Dan Aukes" Update git roscd thorlabs_linear_actuator/ git status git add -A git commit -m="<INSERT YOUR MESSAGE HERE>" git push # supply username and pw

06-Install and Setup git

Git Git is the command line program for interacting with a git repository

08-install gitman

Gitman is my python based package for scanning a computer and pulling all your repositories off.

Gitman repository manager

A nice little package for synchronizing git repositories all over your computer

install git clients

flatpak install -y flathub \ com.jetpackduba.Gitnuro # io.github.gitahead.GitAhead \ # com.

Using Github with two accounts

Instructions Create a new, separate key for each github account