Introduction The purpose of this project is to document our implementation of ROS and teach lab members how to use it for a number of purposes specific to the activities of a robotics lab like the IDEAlab.

Virtualbox Setup (optional)

Introduction This section discusses how to prepare a virtual machine for installing ROS.

Setting up Git

git config –global "" git config –global "Dan Aukes" Update git roscd thorlabs_linear_actuator/ git status git add -A git commit -m="<INSERT YOUR MESSAGE HERE>" git push # supply username and pw

IDEAlab ROS prerequisites

#update repository sudo apt update #visual package manager sudo apt install -y synaptic #ssh access sudo apt install -y openssh-server #python editor sudo apt install -y spyder3 #ifconfig command and other networking tools sudo apt install net-tools #misc sudo apt install -y curl #python packages sudo apt install -y python3-serial python3-pip

ROS Installation Summary

This is derived from the official tutorial Run this code:

Installing and Configuring the default ROS Environment

This is not necessary if you will be creating your own custom workspace

Navigating the Ros Filesystem (optional)

From here #sudo apt-get install ros-<distro>-ros-tutorials sudo apt-get install ros-melodic-ros-tutorials #rospack find [package_name] rospack find roscpp #roscd [locationname[/subdir]] roscd roscpp #print the working directory using the Unix command pwd #To see what is in your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH, type: echo $ROS_PACKAGE_PATH #roscd can also move to a subdirectory of a package or stack.

Installing, Running, and Using RosBridge

Introduction This section describes installing RosBridge, which is useful for communicating to devices which do not have ROS installed (like windows machines with custom drivers)

Clone and Setup Custom Workspace

Steps Install prerequisites sudo apt install ros-melodic-joy sudo apt install python3-numpy Install libnifalcon (instructions in Falcon tutorial)

Creating a new package

Create a new package bash cd ~/code/code_idealab_ros/src/ catkin_create_pkg thorlabs_linear_actuator std_msgs rospy roscpp cd ~/code/code_idealab_ros/ catkin_make Find package dependencies: