Disabling Password-based SSH

Settings for hardening ssh on Ubuntu

Remote Unlock your LUKS-encrypted Hard Drive

Updated for Ubuntu 22.04 Install Software sudo apt update sudo apt -y upgrade sudo apt install -y busybox dropbear* Create and add key

Installing Algo VPN

Introduction It is sometimes necessary to create a virtual network to enable computers across a large distance to communicate as if on the same network.

Logging in Ubuntu

A place to hold information about setting up, viewing, and controlling logging.

Reverse SSH Tunnel

Auto-reconnecting reverse tunnel quickstart

10-Set Up Groups

add yourself to device groups for access to some USB devices in python sudo usermod -a -G <group1>,<group2>,.

Enable UFW

To turn on UFW, sudo ufw allow 22 sudo ufw enable sudo ufw status sudo systemctl enable ufw sudo systemctl start ufw Specific Services SSH sudo ufw allow 22 Samba sudo ufw allow Samba syncthing sudo ufw allow syncthing sudo ufw allow syncthing-gui dnsmasq and dhclient for enabling wifi bridging in ubuntu

Install and configure fail2ban

Derived from here: sudo apt install -y fail2ban sudo systemctl enable fail2ban sudo systemctl start fail2ban sudo systemctl status fail2ban config fail2ban for ufw

99-Locking Down Ubuntu

Set bios admin password check sudoers group, make other users non-admin delete unused / unnecessary accounts reset root password lock all ssh keys with passphrase ensure .

Installing GrapheneOS on a Pixel 4a

Instructions derived from Download Developer Tools sudo apt install android-sdk-platform-tools-common sudo apt install signify-openbsd echo "alias signify=signify-openbsd" >> ~/.