Post-Install Miscellaneous Steps

Install gnome tweaks sudo apt install gnome-tweaks Tweaking the GUI Open “Extensions” and turn off desktop icons Update firefox settings flatpak firefox settings found in ~/.

99-Locking Down Ubuntu

Set bios admin password check sudoers group, make other users non-admin delete unused / unnecessary accounts reset root password lock all ssh keys with passphrase ensure .

Using ROS2 over VPNs in the Classroom

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide a way to provide access to ROS2 style data collection between computers, when specific kinds of access to the users’ network is restricted.

Annual Backup Process

Refresh documents Update cv Update zotero and backup Update idealab website check app passwords https://myaccount.

Answer on Docker

replace <password1> with your own password version: "3" services: answer: image: answerdev/answer ports: - '9080:80' restart: on-failure volumes: - answer-data:/data depends_on: - mariadb mariadb: restart: unless-stopped image: mariadb:10.

Building PyBullet

sudo apt install cmake-curses-gui cd ~/Downloads git clone https://github.com/bulletphysics/bullet3.git cd bullet3 ccmake .

Compiling Ardour

Intro The steps for building ardour are not complete on their website.

Dealing with .heif Images

https://linuxnightly.com/convert-heif-images-to-jpg-or-png-on-linux/ sudo apt install libheif-examples heif-convert image.HEIC new-image.jpg using find…

Disabling Printer Scanning

These don’t seem to fix my problem currently. Use with care.