Controlling Virtualbox from the Terminal

Starting/stopping/pausing a VM Now the fun begins. First, you must know the name of the VM you want to run.

Windows VirtualBox Install Process

Install Update Remove Unused Programs Turn off hibernation powercfg.exe -h off Turn off page file

Enabling .NetFx 3.5 in windows 11

insert windows 11 installation media cdrom/iso Make sure the command below points to the proper drive letter(in this case D)

Installing Windows 11 on Virtualbox

Settings that worked for me Skip unattended installation 200gb vhd (flexible size) 8192 Mb Ram TPM: None EFI On Enable Secureboot: No

Shrinking Virtualbox Hard Drives

Derived from these instructions on HowToGeek In this tutorial we assume a linux host and a windows guest

VSCode Setup and Usage

Installation Download from here Installation Options Accept the default installation path keep “Register Code as an editor for supported file types” checked keep “Add to PATH” checked other options: set to your preference Ubuntu-specific cd ~/Downloads sudo dpkg -i code_1.