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Techniques for solving four-bar linkage equations

Introduction The purpose of this tutorial is to show you the power of sympy for analyzing the math of linkages and kinematics.

    Inverse Dynamics in Mujoco

    Introduction This tutorial shows you how to use MuJoCo to compute the required torques to achieve a given directory.

      Python and Jupyter in Containers

      Python for me has always been easy to learn, but hard to get working.

        Using ROS2 over VPNs in the Classroom

        The purpose of this tutorial is to provide a way to provide access to ROS2 style data collection between computers, when specific kinds of access to the users’ network is restricted.

        Wrapping up “Flexible Robotics”

        Wrapping up “Flexible Robotics”

        I had the pleasure of teaching a new class called “Flexible Robotics” while on sabbatical at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey this Fall.

          Micro Servo Data Collection, Parameter Identification, and Modeling: Parts 5 and 6

          This browser does not support the video tag. Introduction In the last article I took some data from a small, off-the-shelf servo, the SG90, 9 gram micro-servo.

            Micro Servo Data Collection, Parameter Identification, and Modeling: Parts 1-4

            Introduction Finding good information on low-cost servos is difficult. In the next articles, I will describe my informal journey finding and identifying the motor parameters for a SG90 9-gram servo motor.

              Adjusting Gait Timing with an ESP32-based Web Framework in MicroPython

              I have been working on this for a while… For the past two Summers I have been teaching a summer camp about “foldable robots”; I teach kids how to make mechanisms with folded cardboard and paper.

              Simulating Spherical Mechanisms in MuJoCo

              Introduction The purpose of this example is to show how easy it is to create spherical mechanisms in MuJoCo.

                Two new videos

                I have created two new tutorial videos for modeling complex 3D kinematics in CAD.