First Post

    The idea of this section of my website is to document some of my daily work during my sabbatical year and hopefully onward. Sometimes it’s hard to organize my thoughts and plan out my work, so hopefully writing down my thoughts in a weekly series will help me organize my thoughts better and document my progress through it all.

    I brainstormed a list of some things I’d like to get done before the semester begins:

    • Dynamixel controller functionality
    • ESP32 / ROS2 Functionality.
    • I would like to go through the mujoco tutorials and create a small working example
      • add compliance
      • add model fitting
      • add design optimization
    • begin a scaled down version of our quadruped for class
    • locate rc servos
    • Get Fuchen and Yuhao’s walkers working and provide access to them in class

    Projects for the year

    • Fun project on turning images into triangulations
    • Work on a textbook

    This is incomplete… I will add to and refine my list as I keep thinking.

    Longer-term questions:

    • How can I reach these goals during my sabbatical with kids, homeschool, continued travel, and teaching obligations ramping up in Turkey and beyond?
    • What is the point of all this? What is my long term goal?
    • What will I do when sabbatical is over?
    • How can I increase the visibility of my work?
    • How can I use my sabbatical to impact more people, and when I get back?

    As you can see, I don’t have answers to all these questions. I would like to be recognized as a leader in robotics, education, and how to use foldable concepts for teaching, and there are some things I can do after the summer travel vacation portion of our travels are over:

    • Connect to more people
    • Get more involved in educational efforts
    • Write/publish more
    • Make my work more visible through other platforms, perhaps
      • Youtube
      • Linkedin posts
      • Work on this website more to create a useful resource for others, not just myself.

    So as you can see, I have a lot of work to do this Fall.